Cis 111 Assignment 1 Essay

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ACCESSING ORACLE Student Dr. Jan D. Felton CIS 111 Date Accessing Oracle What is code of ethics? According to code of ethics is defined as a set of written guidelines that an organization gives to workers to help them conduct their actions in accordance with ethical and primary values [ (code of ethics, 2013) ]. Under the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) Code of Ethics for Engineers, I can find many ways that impacts my personal and professional life. Some of those ways are through fundamental canons, rules of practice and professional obligations. National Society of Professional Engineers Code of Ethics Fundamental Canons Fundamental canons impacts my personal and professional life daily. Some of the principles are to not be deceptive and to be truthful. These are principles that I practice daily at home and at work. I work at a hospital and being deceptive is not tolerated and can lead to many consequences. Another principle is to make sure information is safe. This is very important to our patients and the company. Keeping information confidential by following certain protocols are essential to protecting the privacy of patients, employees and the company. Simple things like not giving out your passwords and keeping medical records in a locked areas with little access are ways I use this principle in my professional life. Conducting myself ethically and honoring the law are other principles under fundamental canons that I implement in my professional life as well as my personal life. Rules of Practice Rules of practice is another principle that I use in my everyday life personally as well as professionally. Some of the guidelines under this category is disclosing conflict of interests. This is something that is a practice at my job, in which I had to do before. Not accepting bribes is another guideline

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