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The characters we critiqued in film criticism class portrayed such different and unique styles of acting to their singing, dancing, race, and all of the above. However, before my process and journey through the exploration of the films, I believed that African Americans were depicted in a negative way but never to the extreme of which I learned in Film Criticism class. Before I took this course, I do feel as if African Americans were portrayed as positivity in past and current films. My reason for this opinion is because even though we may not have as much freedom and opportunities in today’s film industry, I feel as if a lot of the characters and roles that blacks played in the past were conveyed to the audience with passion, control, inspiration, and meaning. some of the films I believe that captured the moment in positivity were films such as Malcom X, The Great Debaters, and The pursuit of Happyness. In the mist of movies, very popular African American sitcoms that were positive were The Bill Cosby Show, Good Times, and A Different World. Secondly, the images of African Americans in films evolved over a great period of time. From the first movie we watched to the last movie we watched, I can see a change in the images they portrayed in the African American race. The first movie we saw was The Emperor Jones, played by Paul Robeson. In this film He was a slave that obeyed everything his master said and did his job working in the fields and jail house. He later found himself on this Island and long story short, the character that Paul Robeson played was then an Emperor. Though his authority as an Emperor, he was a slave to whites and then became this delusional black male that wasn’t quite always in his right mind. Nevertheless, to the most recent movie we viewed depicted the Afican American race as superior. Even though there were still racism and inequality in

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