Circulatory System Essay

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Running Head: CIRCULATORY SYSTEM Circulatory System Kara Warlick July 28, 2013 The Circulatory System The human body entails many processes and is made many systems that work to maintain life. The circulatory system is one such system, and works to transport oxygen and nutrients necessary for the organs and tissues to maintain equilibrium. It also carries wastes products away so that they may be expelled from the body. Anyone interested in learning more about the circulatory system would need to know what parts is consists of, how it works, and how personal choices, such as smoking, can affect this system. Parts of the Circulatory System Within the circulatory system are the heart, blood and blood vessels with the heart being of the most importance. There are four chambers that make up the heart, and they consist of the right ventricle and the left ventricle and the right atrium and the left atrium. Three types of cells make up blood, which are the platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells. Platelets are small cells made in the bone marrow, are oval-shaped, and they help in the clotting process. White blood cells fight germs and aid in blocking infection. Red blood cells carry oxygen to all other cells in the body. Plasma is the liquid where these cells can be found and are carried by plasma through the blood vessels. The three types of blood vessels are the arteries, veins and capillaries. Blood is transported away from the heart by the arteries and transported to the heart by the veins. The capillaries attach arteries to veins and are considered extremely important because this is where the exchange of gases and nutrients occurs. These vital substances move into arteries and veins by way of diffusion, filtration, and osmosis (Starr & McMillan, 2012). The right and left halves of the heart work in unison, but they pump at different times,

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