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Circored Project Essay

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  • on January 30, 2013
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What could have been done differently to better manage the risks in the Circored project?

The Circored project was plagued with what seemed like an endless supply of problems from its conception to implementation largely due to the fact that the facility would be the “first of its kind” using a brand new process “unfamiliar to any of the partners” (Loch, DeMeyer, & Pich, 2006, p. 36).   Due to it being completely foreign territory to all involved in the project, they left themselves wide open to a plethora of unknown unknowns that would quickly be realized and cause numerous setbacks and result in losing the support of key stakeholders and employee morale.   There were several areas that could have been done differently but I will highlight what, in my opinion, the top three were.   The first thing I noticed that could have been done differently was in the initial planning stages which should have been the first warning sign of bigger issues to come.  
The initial project schedule was extremely tight for a ground breaking new process that had no experienced operators with previous knowledge of the new DRI and HRI processes onsite.   When building a new facility that was founded with the assumption that it will be the “first of its kind”, they should have scheduled more buffers in all activities at their latest start times based on the critical path calculations and added in an extra safety buffer at the end of the project to help protect the promised completion time from unplanned variations (Loch, DeMeyer, & Pich, 2006, p. 36).     The initial project plan only allotted for 27 months for mechanical completion.   The mechanical completion included highly multipart and inter-reliant steps such as construction, erection, and cold function testing; all of which would immediately lead into engineering and operation.   Due to poor project completion estimation delays started occurring and Lurgi began experiencing penalties immediately, and that was just in the infancy...

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