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Ciputra Essay

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Ciputra the Successful Real Estate Man
Tjie Tjin Hoan or usually called Ciputra is very famous in Indonesia. He is an Indonesian-Chinese successful businessman that started from zero, which born in Indonesia (Central Sulawesi) August 24, 1931. Now he is 79 years old. He is an Indonesian man who led Ciputra Development, a property companies in Indonesia, Jaya Group, and Metropolitan Group. Ciputra was the 30th richest Indonesian according to GlobeAsia Magazine, with a total of US$350 million. He is also the 8th biggest philanthropist in Indonesia.
He rose in a small village in North Sulawesi. Ciputra is the smallest child of 3 children from Tjie Sim Poe and Lie Eng Nio couple. Ciputra is a naughty child, he didn’t want to study and this made him couldn’t go to the next grade. His father was caught by soldiers because they think his father is a Dutch’s or Japan’s spy, after that his father never came back since 1944. His mother work as a cake seller and he must help her mother to sell the cake, not only that he walked more than 7 km to his school. After his father was caught, he studied a lot and became number one. When he was 6-8 years old he was nurtured by his evil aunties, he was asked to do dirty chores.   He studied in Frater Donbosco Manado. When he finished high school he decided to go to Java and have university in ITB ((Institute Technology Bandung) he can enter this university because of his mother works. He was grateful for this all because it made him responsible and independent.
During his fourth semester in university, he and his two friends decided to make consultant building architecture in a garage, at that time Ciputra has married with Dian Sumeler, which he had know since he is in high school. After he got his degree, engineering he went to Jakarta and started his carrier at Jaya Group business owned by Jakarta’s Government as a directors until he was 65 years old and then he works until now as a counselor in Jaya Group with governor Sutiyoso....

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