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Martin Scorsese, director of Goodfellas, put a lot of effort into making a good, honest mob film. In this film, Scorsese brings the audience onto the never-ending roller coaster that mobsters ride. The status of these men continuously changes as they battle with the streets, addiction, death and the courts. He combines narrative, cinematography, editing, sound and set design in this film to portray the dark lives of the Italian mob. Martin Scorsese directs a very strong narrative in Goodfellas. The theme is that the mobsters, who see their culture as a vibrant alternative to the boring nine-to-five existence, are really no more than slaves and fools to money. The actors in Goodfellas are definitely a mob films all-star cast. One actor that…show more content…
One method used very often throughout the film is the low angle shot. This is used to show challenges and obstacle that the characters in the film face. Both high angle, and low angle shots are used very effectively in the scene at the courthouse when young Henry is walking out the doors after beating the charges of illegal selling. The doors swing open, and there is a low angle shot of the mob family standing at the top of the stairs, then a high angle shot of Henry standing in front of the courtroom doors staring up at the mob family with a look of envy in his eyes. The mobsters begin to come down the stairs as Henry walks up to them and it turns into a regular shot as the bosses congratulate Henry on beating the charges. This scene uses camera angles very effectively to help the viewer better understand what is going on. The low and high angel shot that was used to show the difference in status between Henry and the mob family was turned back to normal as they accepted him into their world of crime. That was the moment Henry had been waiting for and it is shown in the film without any sort of dialogue, only camera

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