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Final Essay: Cinematography I choose to review the cinematography of specific scenes from City of God and Trainspotting. These two films make great use of camera distance and angle in which the scene is shot. The two scenes are visually shocking and capture the audiences attention. The scene I chose to analyze came from the movie “City of God”. The specific part of the movie I chose to break down was when Lil’ Dice was the lookout for his friends when they decided to rob a hotel. Lil’ Dice was assigned the job of lookout, but he felt he was missing out on the action. He then proceeded to shoot a warning shot to clear out his friends. The next half of the scene was horrific and unsettling. Lil’ Dice decided to quench his thirst for blood and lay waste to everybody in the hotel, even though they had already been robbed. The props that stood out to me in this scene was the handgun Lil’ Dice was using. It was strange to see a child using a pistol to shoot and kill innocent people. The costumes for this scene included Lil’ Dices ragged and dirty clothes as well as no clothes for the people being killed. The set for this scene was a brothel/ hotel which was very dimly lit. The set gave an eerie feeling and you knew as an audience member that something bad was about to happen. The director places the camera at Lil’ Dices eye level for the majority of the scene, which is strange because he is so small. I feel like lowering the camera angle to this level makes the audience feel like they are actually there. The lighting throughout the scene is very dim and gives a sort of uneasy feeling. All of these mis-en-scene elements come together to create a scene that is one of the most visually disturbing scenes I have seen in a movie. The smile across the little boys face as he slaughtering innocent bystanders is absolutely terrifying and entertaining all at the same time.

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