Cinematic Description Of Women Of Afghanistan Essay

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Cinematic depiction of the condition of women of Afghanistan under the Taliban regime in the movie Osama – Preeti Goswami E-mail – BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE- Preeti Goswami is doing her post graduation in MS Communication and is specialising in Communication management from Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal University. She has done her graduation in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. Her interests are gender, international relations, politics and history. Word count- 7508 Abstract: Films connect people despite language barriers and cultural backgrounds. It is a culture in itself and the communication forms stronger than spoken words. Films are art forms which record visible reality. Also, it includes the non-visible reality which has to be created by the film maker, because he or she records the world from his or her point of view. Cinema forms the mirror of the society and at the same time it helps the viewers to let their minds free from the rigid conventions. The main emphasis of this paper will be the women of Afghanistan. This paper seeks to study the condition of women in Afghanistan under the Taliban rule, who were not only denied of personal rights and freedom but also human rights. When the Taliban took over the capital city of Kabul in September 1996, it issued an edict that stripped women and girls of their rights, holding the Afghan people hostage under a brutal system of gender apartheid. The edict forbade women and girls from working or going to school. Women were prohibited from being seen or heard. It effectively placed all women under house arrest, prohibiting them from leaving their homes unless accompanied by a close male relative. Women who had lost all of their male relatives in the war were literally trapped in their homes. This paper seeks to explore the impact of the Taliban

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