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Cinema The term “Hollywood” is widely used in many parts of the world. Those people living in the United States and Canada are most likely familiar with Hollywood’s location and what is done there, while some of the people who are not from these two countries have only a simple idea of what exactly Hollywood refers to. Hollywood is a district located in Los Angeles, California and is the home of the major film studios in the United States. Due to this reason, “Hollywood” became the metonym of the Cinema of the United States itself. What exactly does cinema mean? Cinema can refer to a movie theater; other terms for cinema are movie house, film house, film theater, or picture house. It is the venue designated for public screening of films. Some cinemas usually show newly released movies (or first-run movies) and films that continue to earn a lot of profit, while there are cinemas that show only certain types of movies, such as classics or old films that are still patronized by other moviegoers, independent films or films that were not produced by a major movie studio, foreign films which are usually in a different language and accompanied by subtitles, or simulation films which are in all likelihood shown in a theater equipped with moving or vibrating seats. There also are discount theaters or dollar theaters, which show second-run movies or movies that just left first-run theaters at a lower price. The most common type of movie theater today is the multiplex, which are movie houses with multiple screens and projectors. This is the type of theater that is usually seen in malls and shows movies plainly, unlike digital theaters, another type of movie theater, which shows 3D enhanced movies in three-dimension with the aid of 3D glasses. A new type of film theater is the IMAX theaters, which shows movies in the format IMAX (short for Image Maximum). This type of

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