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Cinema is the art or business of making films. Films generally make the world become a dream, though the extent to which this is done depends entirely on the viewpoint at the director. The latter is constantly giving directives to his crew, especially following the cameraman to make sure that his original vision is portrayed in its intended state. The cinema forms an integral part of the mass media and is in fact a very powerful means which appeal to many senses. Unlike the small screen, the silver screen (cinema) has the potential to produce moving images of a much larger size and also accompanied by specially-designed sound systems. Hollywood is the oldest film-industry which has been selling dreams for many decades now. Bollywood is also an important industry which at present produces the largest number of films annually. Hence by the unparallel magic and fantasy it is endowed with, the cinema is able to achieve its major objectives: Education and entertainment. Firstly, politicians do not favoured transparency and concealed many events from the population. Film-directors through their themes are capable of highlighting and bringing into the time light things which politicians always like to hide. Thus, people are educated via the cinema on issues like corruption, gender equality, battered women and battered children. For instance, Manee Ratnam- Bombay dealt with the racial problem which is rampant in may parts of India. Many other films also involve themes on the dowry system after which the “Lok Sabha” discussed the issue and made that practice illegal. Another such films was “Z” starring Yves Montant who played the role of a leader of an opposition and showed people how this task actually is in its depth. These movies undoubtedly appeals to through provoking the critical mind and stimulates our faculty of thinking and responding. This is

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