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Everything has two aspects positive and negative it all depends on ours that what we are getting from it either a good or bad no doubt films influence youngester. In many films when an actor smokes youngester influence by them and try to use those bad habits in their lifestyle in other films like 3 idiots which teach us a lessson so their are good and bad it all depend on our what we are getting from it. So in my point of view film are for etertain take good lessons from them not bad. There was a huge rise in very good patriotic and nationalistic movies about 8-ish years ago. E. G. Lakshya, Swades, Rang de Basanti. But, there haven't been too many of those types of movies in the past 2-3 years, and more of them need to be made for Indians to be proud of themselves and not sell their country to Westerners. India has had a very movie-going culture, but nowadays many movies are coming out that have little to do with. Anything except sex. So, I would say that the most recent movies ARE corrupting the Indian youth. Hello my friends myself Er. Rathore from Shimla .Currently associated in internatinal Business . My opinion on this topic is how we can say that films are corrupting youth . Let me give you one example lotus flower is originated in mud . But its fragrance spread all over . so try to make yourself like that where ever you go you spread like a lotus flower . Its up-to us how we deal with nature . Hi everyone I think cinema can impact on our life as we want to have on us. As we all know all films are made on fiction so assume them as fiction story and need not to give them place in our life. Yester year cinema was having a morale for our life and the people also love them and grasp good values from then as Alam ara and Raja Harishchandra film of 1935. So it's our will what to accept or not. Hi friends;. By my point of view yes bollywood cinema is

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