Cindy Bosley's Essay 'How I Lost The Junior Miss Pageant'

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THE PRESSURE OF LIFE Everyone lives under the pressure to perform well and be a part of the society. In the essay “How I Lost the Junior Miss Pageant”, Cindy Bosley tells us about her experience of watching Miss America Pageant as a child and her experience of competing in a Junior Miss Pageant. By talking about why she does not win, she shows the pressures caused by society’s stereotypes and mother’s influence on children. The way she creates an evaluation chart of her own and how she shows her emotion make the essay more engaging. Bosley leads the readers to her story through her tone and detailed events. The way Bosley shows her emotions in the essay is very interesting because it makes us think more about…show more content…
The mass media (television, magazines) plays an important role in shaping society’s stereotypes or prejudices. The beautiful, flawless models feature in everyday ads have become a standard of beauty for all girls and women, making them feel ashamed and lose self- confidence in their imperfect appearance. Bosley’s mother “having always been a little to a lot overweight, excelled at swimming, and she told me much later that she chose swimming because she didn’t feel fat in the water”(33). It is an example of the rising desire to be perfect in the other’s view. The popular use of those sexy, perfect models in most advertising makes women feel unsatisfied with their appearance. They will be conditioned to view their body as an object in the others’ eyes and try to be as perfect as what they see on many ads. Competitions like the Miss American Pageant affect people’s minds and ideas how to perform in life. Bosley points out that her loss in the Junior Miss Pageant is because she “didn’t yet know how to tell people what they want to hear” (35). Before the contest, Bosley is a confident girl and believes in herself, as she said “I had some hope[…], some talents and a kind of baby cute innocence” (33). However after the contest, all she did is blame on her poor and unhappy life compared to others. At the end of the essay, Bosley blames that she’d lost the

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