Cinderella vs Cinderella Story

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Remembering back to our infancy, we all recall hearing various types of fairy tales. Some of them motivated us others confound us, and most of them showed us valuable lessons. Several old-style fairy tales have been re-created into Hollywood movie such as Cinderella (2015), and A Cinderella Story, both of them based on the Disney Cinderella story in (1950). As a little girl, fairy tales and the prince charming is everything you want when you grow up. Perspective of things starts to change as you grow up and see the reality of life. I chose these two movies to compare and contrast them because my favorite Disney movie as a little girl was Cinderella. In my essay, I’ll be comparing the differences, similarities, and outcome of the movies. To begin with, both movies are versions of the beloved tale, while at the same time follow the same plot; both are based on the original Disney Cinderella movie made in 1950. The two movies have a lot of similarities which are: the two girls are really sweet and obedient live with the fathers after their mothers passed away, where they live happily until the fathers decide to remarry with a wicked step mother who had to daughter of her own. In both movies all of the sudden the father dies, and they are left with a cruel and jealous stepmother and stepsisters; they end up being their servant and their scornfully called them Cinderella. Stepmothers make them believe that they fathers didn’t leave them, anything that everything was hers. Both step mothers give them a lot of work for them not to be able to assist the dance. The protagonists fall in love with a guy, and at the end fought for what they want it and live happily ever after. However, both movies have a lot of differences too Cinderella (2015) is more of a classical movie. She has the ability to talk to animals where they help her do her shores. Cinderella first meets the

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