Cinderella Unmasked Essay

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Cinderella Unmasked Bonnie Dee and Marie Treanor Chapter One “Sebastian, take notes. I’m planning to host a ball.” Queen Ella breezed into the study where her chief steward sat at his desk. Before he could rise in greeting, she’d collapsed into the plush, red velvet chair across from him. “This will be an event for everyone, not just the elite, but the bourgeoisie and even the working class. No one shall be turned away.” “Yes, Madam.” Sebastian put aside his ledger and took out a new piece of parchment. He dipped his quill in the inkpot. The pen scratched across the surface, turning the queen’s idea into a royal proclamation. She rolled her neck against the back of the chair, hoping to ease the tension that corded her muscles. It had been too long since she’d had any amusement, too long that the weight of governing the country had burdened her. When he’d abandoned the throne and left the kingdom, Charming’s duties had settled on her like a mantle fashioned of chain mail. The young girl who’d once pinned all her hopes and dreams on romance was gone, replaced by strong-willed Queen Ella, ruler of a nation. “You think I’m being capricious, don’t you?” She studied Sebastian’s long face as he wrote. As always, he was an enigma. He obeyed her commands and gave her advice on matters of state, but never volunteered an unsolicited opinion. She wondered how he entertained himself on his own time. It was difficult to imagine her serious, reliable chief steward laughing or having fun. When he offered no reply to her question, she sighed. “Well, maybe I am. A ball is a foolish expense given the precarious state of the economy. There are no political reasons to have a ball, no foreign dignitaries or royalty to impress. Quite honestly, the idea only just occurred to me out of the blue.” Sebastian lowered his quill and looked up. His dark, heavy-lidded gaze seemed to see

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