Cinderella Summary

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Cinderella's father remarried, and once remarried, Cinderella's new step-mother ruled the house. She made Cinderella sleep in the attic and do the hardest chores in the house. The oldest step-sister was the rudest, where as the youngest step-sister was not. The two step-sisters went into a frenzy when they were invited to a ball by the King's son. When they asked for Cinderella's help, she helped them even though they teased her about not going to the ball. When the day of the ball came, Cinderella's godmother turned a pumpkin, six mice, a rat, and six lizards into a coach, six horses, a coachman, and six footmen, respectively. This was to go to the ball in. The godmother then turned Cinderella's clothes into a gold and silver dress with sparkling stones. As Cinderella was getting into the coach, her godmother warned her that she had to be back by midnight or everything she had made would turn back into what it was before. Cinderella agreed and was off to the ball. The King's son escorted her into the ball and the crowd fell silent. Everyone was amazed by her beauty. She danced and ate with the Prince and her step-sisters, who could not recognize her at all. When the clock stroke a quarter to twelve, Cinderella went home and asked her godmother if she could go to the ball again on the next night. While doing so, her step-sisters came home and Cinderella about the princess. All three of the girls went to the ball the next evening. Cinderella was enjoying herself so much that she lost track of time. The clock was striking midnight. While running out her glass slipper fell off and the Prince found it. Everything turned back to the way it was while on her way back to home because she did not leave before midnight. The Prince wanted to find her so badly that he started asking people if they had seen the princess. The Prince said that he would marry the girl whose foot fit
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