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Cinderella man assignment 1) Relief was a way, in the great depression, to get assistance financially. Relief was a place where poor families would go to get a certain amount of money. They would give the person enough money so he/she can survive. 2)Jimmy’s attitude toward relief seemed like he was ashamed of the fact that he needed it. My attitude towards relief would also be shameful, to ask for money just to survive and feed your family is very embarrassing. 3)The ways jimmy and his wife tried to create normalcy for their children, were ways to make them not think about the depression like how Jimmy plays with his kids, as a normal dad would do in normal times. They also made sure to enforce rules of a normal family, like making sure the kids use their forks, taught them to be quiet, and taught them how to behave. For example when their son stole some salami, they made him return it, which they could have kept for free. 4)Most people took ant jobs that could be found, trying to get money to buy food. When there were no jobs available most people relied on relief. Jimmy never gave up with jobs, he was determined and he eventually became very famous. 7) Escapism is a mental diversion used to switch from reality into fantasy. A reason why the people believe in jimmy so much because he was so determined. Most people would just give up at first because it is to much effort but jimmy did not do so. Also the people can relate to jimmy because he was poor like all the people who idolized him. 8) The world Cinderella in today’s world is used for something that is unlikely to happen. When talking about a Cinderella story its is usually about an underdog of some sort who nobody thinks could do it, comes out victorious. The significance of the title is that jimmy was the underdog in this story, he started from the very bottom and then because of his

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