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Cinderella Man is knockout hit and Is a movie that has been labeled as a “must see” Despite having some what of a bad reputation in real life, head actor Russell Crowe keeps coming out with outstanding roles that draw people to the theatre. In this movie Crowe’s portrayal of a sports legend continues his streak of powerful cinematic performances and keeps people coming back for more. Cinderella Man is the story of James J. Braddock, a rising star in the light heavyweight boxing ring during the late 1920s. His recent success is coldly halted when the stock market crashes in 1929 destroying the American economy. After a series of injuries, loses, and bad luck Braddock’s Boxing license is revoked. It is because of this that Braddock is left to suffer the fate that thousands of Americans did during the great depression. So now that Braddock is out of the job he struggles to provide for his wife and children while never fully giving up his dream of returning to boxing. Then out of no were due to a last minute cancellation and a recommendation by his old manager, Braddock gets one last chance at glory and cements his place in boxing history. One major thing that makes this movie different from movies like Rocky is that Braddock fights to provide for his family, not for the glory of wining the fight. It is because people can relate to this that Braddock becomes a symbol hope to the thousands of people struggling to survive during the great depression. Another thing that made this movie better than the average sports movie was the acting. Crowe’s accent and look is a perfect for the time period and his boxing style is a perfect copy of Braddock’s. Also the boxing matches in Cinderella Man are by far the best ever replicated on the big screen. People today now require more realistic movies and the boxing in Cinderella man is fit’s the peoples standers perfectly. The

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