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Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm, ”Asputtle” (595-600) vs. Campbell Grant, “Walt Disney’s Cinderella” (617-619) Analyze and compare “Ashputtle” and “Walt Disney’s Cinderella” stories. First, “Ashputtle” was written by the Grimm Brothers, Jakob and Wilhelm, in the nineteenth century in Germany; the second story, “Walt Disney’s Cinderella” was adapted from the Perrault’s version of the tale by Campbell Grant in the twentieth century in the United States. While both stories have almost the same happy ending, Ashputtle’s story has a touch of violence that could be handled by the Germans at that time. The comparison points of both stories are Cinderella’s family, what animals are involved and how they help her, and how the story ends. In “Ashputtle”, the main character had a father and a mother, but her mother was really sick and died. After some months, the father got married again and his new wife came to his house with her two daughters. Ashputtle’s stepmother and stepsisters treated her like she was their servant. Also, she did not have a bed, and she had to sleep by the ashes. That is the reason they called her “Ashputtle”. “And they took to calling her Ashputtle because she always looked dusty and dirty” (Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm 596). Later on the story, the king arranged a three day celebration in which his son will choose a bride. The king invited all the girls in the kingdom, and Ashputtle really wanted to go. Ashputtle had to help her stepsisters to get ready to go to the celebration. After Ashputtle finished helping them she asked her stepmother to go, and the stepmother answered her telling that she had no clothes to be in a celebration like that. Also the stepmother threw a bowlful of lentils into the ashes, and she told Ashputtle to pick up all the lentils of the ashes and she will let her go. Ashputtle cried because it was a impossible task to do. While she was

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