Cinderella Essay

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CINDERELLA: (nudges friend 1 and laughs silently too) I know. (FRIEND 1 LEAVES) STEPMOTHER: (glares at Cinderella) You’d better finish that, Cinderella. There are still many chores you must do. CINDERELLA: Yes, Lady Tremaine. (STEPMOTHER LEAVES, LUCIFER THE CAT ENTERS, MUD ON HIS FEET) CINDERELLA: Oh Lucifer! Get away! LUCIFER: (meows and glares at Cinderella) CINDERELLA: (sighs) Fine. (continues scrubbing) SETTING 1: PALACE (KING AND QUEEN SITTING IN THEIR THRONE, PRINCE ERIC ARRIVES) KING: Well, well, well. How’s your day, my son? PRINCE ERIC: It’s okay, Father. KING: (ilalagay ang kamay sa baba. Hindi ko alam English eE. XD) I’ve been thinking, son, that you still didn’t find the right woman for you…. QUEEN: So we’re organizing a ball, and all the maidens in this kingdom are invited. I hope that you can choose one from them. PRINCE ERIC: (bows) As you wish, Father… And Mother. (CUT: STEPMOTHER AND HER FRIENDS TALKING) STEPMOTHER’S FRIEND 1: Oh! Didn’t you know? The King and Queen organized a ball for all the maidens in this kingdom! STEPMOTHER’S FRIEND 2: Oh! Really? STEPMOTHER’S FRIEND 1: Yes! They say it’s for the Prince. The king wanted his son to marry a talented woman that’s why His Royal Highness organized a glamorous ball! STEPMOTHER 2: (to stepmother) Are you coming? STEPMOTHER: (tilts her head) Of course! My darling daughters are very talented and are beautiful, young ladies. Of course, they’re coming to that ball! STEPMOTHER 1: (sighs) Too bad I don’t have a daughter. STEPMOTHER 2: Well, we hope that one of them will be chosen! Who knows, one of your daughters will be a princess! And you could be the most powerful woman in our kingdom! STEPMOTHER: I know that it will happen. (smiles and tilts her head more) (CUT: KITCHEN, CINDERELLA AND HER FRIENDS TALKING) FRIEND 1: Hey, Cinderella! Did you know that the King sent an

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