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Introduction The first cement plant was commissioned in 1914 with a production level of 1000 tons/ annum. India is the second largest cement producer in the world with a production level of about 99 million tonnes India’s share is about 5% of world production ~ 2000 million tonnes The installed capacity is about 119 million tonnes and at an expected 10 % growth rate . India’s cement consumption per capita is at about 99-kg/ capita Compared to the world average of about 267 kg/capita Whereas in China it is 450 kg/capita ,Japan aboout 631 kg/capita while in France it is 447 kg/capita. Out of 157 kilns, 117 are dry process based, 32 are based on wet process and 8 on semi dry. Strategic Management Industry Overview Grey Cement The Indian cement Industry Comprises 54 cement producers 129 operating cement plants 153.6 MnTPA of an average installed capacity Latest technology process upgradation 96% of total capacity – modern, environment friendly and energy efficient dry process technology. 4% - old wet and semi-dry process technology 127.6 MnT f t l 127 6 M T of actual cement production t d ti Growth at 8.6% 123.1 MnT of domestic cement consumption representing an 8.1% increase It was only about 35% of global average Strategic Management Grey Cement Contd… Strategic Management Manufacturing Process Strategic Management White Cement White Whit cement currently sold in India has a whiteness of around 88% to 90% t tl ld i I di h hit f d t From 2002 – 2005, it has grown at a rate of CAGR of 6% Strategic Management White Cement contd… Manufacturing P M f t i Process The production process is highly sensitive to small variations in inputs as small difference in whiteness can impair the usability of the product; Instead of coal, fuel oil or petcoke is used in kiln as coal , p generates ash which affects the whiteness of product; Cooling of

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