Cilex Level 3 Certificate for Legal Secretaries, Business Administration in the Legal Environment

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Email Policy and Internet Use Use of the Internet Use of the Internet by employees is encouraged where such use is consistent with their work and with the goals and objectives of the Company in mind. Reasonable personal use is permissible subject to the following: * Users must not visit, view or download any material from an internet site which contains illegal or inappropriate material. * Users must not use the internet for personal financial gain. * Users must not use the internet to send offensive or harassing material to other users. * Use of the internet for personal reasons (e.g. online banking, shopping, information surfing) must be limited, reasonable and done only during non-work time. * Staff may face disciplinary action or other sanctions if they breach this policy and/or bring embarrassment on the Company or bring it into disrepute. Use of Email When using Company email, users must: * Ensure they do not harm the Company’s reputation, bring it into disrepute, incur liability on the part of the Company, or adversely impact on its image. * Must not use email for the creation, retention or distribution of disruptive or offensive messages, images, materials or software that include offensive or abusive comments about ethnicity or nationality, gender, disabilities, age, sexual orientation, appearance, religious beliefs and practices, political beliefs or social background. Employees who receive emails with this content from other employees of the Company should report the matter to their line manager or supervisor. * Must not send email messages that might reasonably be considered by recipients to be bullying, harassing, abusive, malicious, discriminatory, defamatory, and libellous or contain illegal or offensive material, or foul language. * Must not upload, download, use, retain, distribute, or disseminate

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