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Passage for comment #2 a) This passage resembles mostly a flashback of a lady who has lost her house during World War II due to bombing attacks. This passage is fiction where events taking place during a war are described. The writer’s purpose in this passage is mostly to entertain and to offer a point of view based on thoughts of a civilian, regarding the attacks that were generated on World War II. The writer is trying to convey the feeling of distress and sorrow the lady is portraying. The tone is pretty much sad. Since the beginning of the passage the writer is describing how the poor lady lost her house. It conveys the feelings of sorrow and sadness to the reader through the tone. The writer starts the passage by saying ¨she lived again the blazing night that had cut her life in two” meaning to say that the lady had passed through a traumatic event that had marked her life. At the same time, using this metaphor the writer grabs the reader´s attention; since obviously we want to know what happened that was so traumatic for the lady. The writer also uses phrases such as “a wild, blazing hell of a night” or “demon noise” to emphasize the fact that what the lady was living was a living hell. We can perfectly imagine the chaos and destruction that the city represented for that particular moment. Almost at the end of the passage the writer says “her flat lay waiting for death”, again, death is also associated with the hell that the lady is living thus pointing out the sorrow and distress the lady felt. The writer uses a vast amount of figures of speech such as oxymoron “blazing night”, personification “whining, howling pitching of bombs” and the metaphor “pandemonic red garden of night” to describe the awful night that the lady flashbacks. Also the use of rhetorical questions such as “what shall I save?” emphasizes the pure thoughts of the lady

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