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What are the factor that determine the processing power of a computer? Answer It! In: Computer Hardware, Computer Terminology [Edit categories] Save or Cancel Nairobi IT Services | An Extensive List With Contact Details at Your Finger Tips! | | Ads Relevant answers: * Measure of power processing of a computer? Processing power is generally measured in Hertz, with most modern computers running into the Gigahertz. Processing power is more complicated though, with concepts like MIPS, Flops an pipelining. * Where is a computer's processing power centralized? In the CPU, Central Processing Unit. * What is Infinite computer processing power? I believe that it will be possible one day. You see the blackhole spinning in the center of our galaxy allows us to compound computer power to Infinity one day and it will allow us to expand forever... * What factors determine power? Power = Current * Voltage * Power FactorAbove expression can further be explore as :1. For DC CircuitsPower = Current * Voltage2. For Single Phase AC CircuitPower = Current * Voltage * Power Factor3.... * What is a computer processing power? The central processing unit (CPU) is a chip built into a computer that performs basic calculations that allow the computer to run. Processing power is a measurement of how powerful this chip is, i.e.... > Wiki Answers > Categories > Technology > Computers > Computer Hardware > What are the factor that determine the processing power of a computer? Eddy Covariance Analyzers | Over 90% of CO2 Flux Towers World- Wide Use LI-COR Analyzers. See Why! | | Free Programming Courses | Get started in minutes! Become a Software Engineer | | Supermicro UP Solutions | Uniprocessor Server System. Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 Family |

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