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Every culture around the world has a specific characteristic trait they value. For some it is strength and for others it is honesty, but each culture has at least one. CiCi Keetch is no different. She was born and raised in South Africa, she then came to the U.S and then back to Africa for an LDS mission. She speaks five languages several of which she learned in Africa. She displays the African culture as she is very open and loves to talk and meet with new people. However, since we both share the same religion we have similar values we have both chosen but very different definitions. The first value CiCi chose was patience. Her definition was the ability to look at the bigger picture instead of one little mistake somebody made. She further explained by telling me how hard it is to be patient with her children. She wants to be able to have patience with them even when they mess up. She hopes to be able to except those mistakes…show more content…
She said honesty is the ability to look at life fairly and except her own shortcomings. By doing this she will be able to see people as they really are and be able to except them. She also wants to be honest with herself and except her own weaknesses, which sounds like a big challenge. I have often heard that a person’s biggest critic is themselves. By accepting yourself you can grow and gain self-confidence. I also chose honesty, but again we both have different definitions. My definition of honesty is admitting to your mistake and truly wanting to make it right by telling the truth. My biggest pet peeve is when somebody cheats, it isn’t fun for anybody else and they aren’t being trustworthy. As soon as I meet someone I trust them until they do something to take that trust away. Each time somebody is not honest, I lose respect for them, and I don’t trust them. My sister is deep into that hole right now, so much that she doesn’t trust a word her husband says, because he has lied to her again and

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