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* The Australian dollar has been gaining strength over the last several months, with increases in rate exchanges with the US dollar and the Japanese Yen (The Wall Street Journal). Although this would appear to demonstrate economic improvement, experts consider this surge in the currency strength as a cause of spikes in the prices of Australian goods, leading to lower demand of Australian goods (Mercer). * Foster’s Beer produces is Australian made ales which are currently being exported to the UK, the United States, in addition to other locations. Financial performance has worsened, with lower revenues and negative net income (Hoover's). Also, general information reveals that few Australians actually consume this home brand; for example, each year only 100 million liters of the beer are consumed in Australia versus nearly 682 million liters in Britain (A takeover of iconic Australian beer, 2011). * A past study discussed consumer perceptions of Australian country of origin apparel in comparison to countries such as New Zealand, the United Kingdom, China, and other Southeast Asian countries (Patterson and Tai). The results showed that only a portion of the test group considered Australian brands high quality, and only half were willing to pay more money for clothes with “made in” labeling. * According to the 2009 Ray Morgan Australian Consumer Research results, 65% of Australians surveyed were more inclined to purchase products with the ‘Australian Made’ logo when possible. Also, sales of the products with the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign (AMAG) rose in 2010 in comparison to those not using the logo (COMPLETE-RESEARCH-SUMMARY-2002-10). * The strength of the Australian dollar has also impacted the country’s stance as the world’s largest wine exporter outside of Europe, causing a 10% decline in exports from the last year (Fickling). In

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