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CIA The Central Intelligence Agency, known as the CIA, was created by President Harry S. Truman in 1947. The CIA was created along with the signing of the National Security Act. Harry S. Truman gave the Central Intelligence Agency core responsibilities; the CIA is responsible for discovering intelligence, securing its validity, and deciding the level of national security (Rhule). The CIA serves as a separate independent agency who works closely with other organizations that also work with intelligence equipment. The agency has a Director of Central Intelligence who is appointed by the President and is in charge of the United States Intelligence Community; this director is also the commander for the CIA. Even though he is the head person for the CIA he has to report his duties to the Director of National Intelligence (About CIA). Throughout anything, the CIA has to get approval from the U.S. President in order to carry out any operation. There are many organizations within the intelligence community, but it is the CIA’s role to provide the United States with the up most intelligence that the community has to offer. The CIA began to operate during the end of World War II moving into the Cold War. During this time Russia was trying to expand communism, so the United States’ forces duties were to stop communism from spreading. The United States was in crucial need for the CIA to be created because the O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services) had the previous duties of controlling the amount of intelligence needed by the United States, but had failed at providing the United States with the amount of information needed (Byers). Truman created the CIA in order for the United States to keep track of the Soviet Union and their intelligence software (CIA). The CIA served the President by keeping track of the Soviet Union and making sure security was at its highest power. For

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