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Churchill Response Essay Ward LeRoy Churchill, born on October 2,1947, raised in Elmwood, Illinois. An American citizen by all rights. At the present he goes by many names including professor, political activist, and former US military soldier along with a few other names. Ward has long been a controversial figure in the world of politics. Upon finally reading through his manuscript titled “On the Justice of Roosting Chickens”, he has more than earned the nickname of “smart but not too smart”. Ward Churchill wrote this travesty only to confuse and trick others into believing his nonsense. In his essay he makes points about the many innocent lives that America has taken and the multitude of activities the government has been engaged in behind the American citizens backs. Both are intriguing observations and are true for the most part. The part where Churchill slips up is when he says that “ No matter what it's eventual fate, America will have gotten off very, very cheap. The full measure of it's guilt can never be fully balanced or atoned for”. Churchill fails to realize that our enemies during Operation Desert Storm and our enemies during 9/11 and it's aftermath are two completely different entities. Mr. Churchill needs to stop beating around the bush and say what he really means. Unfortunately, Churchill’s main premise is completely mistaken from the start which makes it hard to decipher was his true purpose is behind this essay. Churchill's line about America getting off easy is the most disturbing piece of content here. For one reason or another, Churchill groups all of America together as if every citizen agrees with the decisions and actions that our government has taken since Operation Desert Storm until now. When Churchill blames the american people for the lost lives of many innocent children, that is a hard accusation to take. As much as anybody would

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