Churches In Britain Essay

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Britain has a long church history which can date back to 1st century BC. The Christianity was introduced into Britain by Romans. At that time, the Roman Catholic Church was the leader of the every Catholic Church. But with the development of Britain, it required the independence of religion in Britain. Thus the Protestant gradually formed and the Britain regained control of the church. Particularly, the English Reformation played an important role in the process of form of British own church. The English Reformation was the series of events in 16th-century Britain. The main purpose was that the Church of England tried to break away the authority of Pop and the Roman Catholic Church and built a Protestant Church. Before the English Reformation, churches were governed by the Pop and the Roman Catholic Church which has strong power. Church law and taxes were determined by them. And the Roman Catholic Church occupied a large numbers of lands. After the English Reformation, the Church of England regained the domination of religion. Lands and taxes controlled by the Rome Catholic Church were regained. Finally, Britain obtained the religious independence. Britain has five major kinds of churches, including the Church of England, Church of Scotland, Roman Catholic Church, other Christian Denominations and the Non-Christian church. And the Church of England is the largest and oldest Church in Britain. The Church of England, also called Anglican Church, is the national or established church in England. Through the Act of Settlement of 1701, the British monarch became the Supreme Governor of the Church of England and the Defender of Faith. Moreover, the Church of England can be divided in two parts, the High Church and the Low Church, and it is ruled by bishops. The major members of it are usually called Puritan, who advocated simplicity and a literal
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