Churches and Mosques Comparative Essay

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Places of worship are very important in religion. All of these buildings are great places to learn about architecture and how the society around it functioned. At times, some of these places may be more interesting than others. This may be because there is more history, or it is highly decorated with statues and art. Two great religious buildings are St. Peters Basilica, officially known in Italian as Basilica Papale di San Pietro in Vaticano, and the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, which is also known as the Blue Mosque. Although both are interesting, people who have been to both may find that St. Peters basilica in Rome, Italy is a substantially more fascinating place to visit than the Sultan Ahmet Mosque in Istanbul Turkey because of its architecture and history. Sultan Ahmet I commissioned the Sultan Ahmet Mosque. The construction of this Muslim place of worship began in 1609 and took 7 years to build. St. Peters Basilica’s construction started in 1506 and took 120 years to build. There is a direct connection between the Basilica and the Blue Mosque. On November 2006, Pope Benedict XVI visited the Mosque on his visit to Turkey, which marks the second papal visit in history to a Muslim place of worship. According to multiple Vatican tour guides, there are frames for portraits of every pope including empty ones for oncoming popes. The Catholic Church somehow knew the exact number of frames they would need. No more frames have been added or ever will be. It is said that when the newest pope fills the last frame, the world will end during or after that pope’s reign. This is one of the most interesting facts that people learn when people visit the Basilica. People also find it interesting because there are two frames left and it has to do with the impending doom of the world which is kind of scary but interesting. If the Blue mosque had something to do with the world’s

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