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Emma Talk There are many ways that Heavenly Father can talk to you. He can speak to you through the Holy Ghost. He can speak to you through the scriptures. One very important way that Heavenly Father talks to His children is through His living prophets. When the prophet speaks, he tells us things that Heavenly Father wants us to know. In the Bible we read of God’s promises to the children of Israel. Through Moses, His prophet, the Lord delivered them from Egypt. Moses taught the children of Israel the way to obtain God’s promises and blessings. There was not a prophet on the earth when Joseph Smith prayed to find out which church to join. He became God’s prophet and restored the true Church of Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith taught the people what they needed to do to obtain God’s promises and blessings. If you knew that Jesus Christ was coming to speak to you, would you take time out from your playing to go and listen to Him? Each April and October, the prophet and other General Authorities speak to us in special meetings called general conference. They tell us the things the Savior would tell us if He were here. Their words are like the scriptures and will guide us in our lives. Today President Thomas S. Monson tells us what God wants us to know and do. When we listen to general conference, it is as if God Himself is speaking to us. We can learn the way to obtain God’s promised blessings when we listen to our prophet. Our prophet loves us just as the Savior loves us. If we do the things he teaches, we can be happier in this life. We can learn how to live again with Father in Heaven and the Savior, Jesus Christ. It is wonderful to know that through our prophet, the Savior is speaking to each of us! In the name of Jesus Christ,

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