Church Contribution to Integral Development Essay

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Brenda B. Kiema CHURCH CONTRIBUTION TO INTEGRAL DEVELOPMENT Introduction This paper is about church contribution to integral development as understood by Christians. In this paper we shall look at the meaning, type, significance of church contribution to integral development. We will discuss what the church has contributed towards personal and social transformation of the society. These aspects are geared towards integral development of a person. Integral human development promotes the good of every person and the whole person. I agree with Walsh, J (1990, p. 108) that: Christians today live in a time of great stress and also a time of great hope. As pastoral ministers, we must work so that people enter in through church doors with a purpose – to encounter the Good News of the Reign of God, and so that they go out through the doors carrying with them the seeds of the Reign of God. …we must be careful to listen to the questions people are asking or are not asking. Majority of people depend on the church teachings. They know their lives and hope depends on the word of God. The church must be on the front line towards integral development of its people. As social agent of change we must listen to the voices such as: what are they saying? What is not adding up in people’s lives, what is the church doing? What is the church not doing? Who is to be blamed? And who is not to be blamed? Definition of terms 1. Church – According to Vatican II Council the church is the body of Christ. Church is also defined as a community of believers believing in God. Moreover, church is faith, power of faith in transforming society (Modesty 2012: classnotes). 2. Development - Pope VI in his 1967 Encyclical letter: Populorum Progressio defined development as the growth of each person and the whole person. 3. Personal transformation – this is conversion, transformation of consciousness.

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