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CHURCH ADMINISTRATION ASSESSMENT Jerome O. Holmes Church Administration DSMN 505-B03 LUO July 7, 2013 Introduction I Corinthians 12:28 states, “So God has appointed some in the church…administrators.” Administration in the context of the local church has taken on an identity of its own. The days where the pastor is seen as the ‘most important’ person in the room are all but a thing of the past as church processes and practices are becoming more complex. No longer is a church an entity unto itself; its operational policies and procedures, financial management, form of government, organization, and risk management components are being closely monitored from congregants who are more educated and skilled in their respective professions than their parents were as well as government agencies and watchdog groups seeking to discredit the very work and services churches do. As the culture both inside and outside the doors of the church has changed, churches are being forced to utilized best business practices and develop sophisticated operational systems. In his book, Church Administration, author Robert L. Welch, defines administration as, “…the art and science of planning, organizing, leading and controlling the work of others to achieve defined objectives and goals.” Good church administration highest priority is getting people to work together. Its primary function is management, not manipulation. Its required skills includes, faith, timing, resourcefulness and sensitivity. What makes church administration unique to corporate work is there is a lot more a stake. There are souls, lives and eternal destinies that can be impacted by decisions that are made in regards to how one responds to a disgruntle member, a visitor, or someone in need of assistance. Moreover, effective administration is challenged to get the ‘stakeholders’ of the ministry to see the

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