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Founded by Augustinian Missionaries in 1859, the church is also renowned for its architectural design and internal adornments.[1]The original church was burned during the outbreak of the Philippine Revolution however, it was renovated. It is about 42 kilometers away from Manila. The church recorded some of the important events occurred in the country. While it has been a temporary residence of General Aguinaldo, three major events in Philippine History happened in this church: the convening of the First Philippine Congress(September 15, 1898), the drafting of the Malolos Constitution (September 29, 1898 to January 21, 1899), and the inauguration of the First Philippine Republic (January 23, 1899).[4] By Presidential Decree No. 260, the church was proclaimed as a National Shrine by President Ferdinand Marcos on August 1, 1973.[5] Unusual for newly elected presidents in the Philippines, the church has been a venue in an inaugural affairs. General Emilio Aguinaldo and former president Joseph Estrada were the only two who have been inaugurated in the place.[6] Historic Barasoain started as a village of Malolos in 16th century and created as an independent town in 1859 and reannexed in Malolos in 1903 and this explains the presence of a stone church here. Barasoain had its first stone edifice in 1871 to replace a temporary one but was burned in May 1884 during the Santacruzan. In 1885, the current structure was started while the belfry was constructed in 1889. The church became the most historic church in 1898 and in 1998 President Joseph Estrada took his oath of office. The facade has Neo-Classic touches and its rounded pediment is echoed by the arches and rose window at the lower part.[7] Eight years after the founding of Manila, the Augustinian friars founded the Town of Malolos in 1580. A settlement was made by the Augustinian missionaries and they created Barrio

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