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Page 1 Essay Assignment #1 Draft #1 Church: Out With the Old and In With the New? Sometimes big, mainstream churches seem exciting, but, then nostalgia can settle in and memories of the small-town church you grew up in flood in. Twelve years ago, I began searching for the church that I would feel comfortable in, one where I would fit in. What I found, on my journey, was that two churches that are so different could satisfy my needs in different ways. The very first church I ever went to was a small church in my hometown, Clover, SC. I started going to Bethel Baptist Church when I was four years old. Although this church looked small on the outside, it was large and open and warm and welcoming on the inside. As soon as you crossed the entrance to the church, you were greeted by people that knew you as well as your own family. You were always greeted with some “Southern twang”, a smile and a hug. Elevation Church is in a big city, Charlotte, NC. The main campus of this church is in a large auditorium-style building with movie theater seating. The greeting, when you walk in the entrance to the building, is comparable to a robot. It is as though the greeting is rehearsed. There is no hug and no handshake and the smiles are so big that you wonder if there is a familial relation to “The Joker”. Having only one Pastor at Bethel Baptist Church made things much easier and the relationship with our Pastor was like that with another family member. Our Pastor knew as much about each of the members of our church as my family knew about me. He was like a father or grandfather figure to many of us and I loved him as much as my own grandfather. Our pastor would wait to personally greet each member, before service, with a hug or a handshake, and dismiss them from service in the same way. Page 2 Because there are so many different pastors at

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