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We are to judge righteously, this much is true; however, we are also called to love the sinner but hate the sin and yes even though we are called to righteous judgment we need to be careful about "judging righteously" and just plainly "passing judgment". I'm not saying that is the case with Mandela because I think I already stated in what I previously wrote that I know all the things Farah said are in fact true; however, why cry out now? As I stated also if you read it, (and you, yourself said), the man is dead and gone. I even recall saying that why worry about it as his, (Mandela's), judgment is already in progress. If you want to change the body of Christ on the level of those seated in the church pews, then you need to start with those in the pulpits preaching and teaching. I think that ministering to the lost, hurt, and needy is more important than spending the majority of time making "righteous judgment" against others. We are called to follow John 7:24 not to make a career out of it. Please understand I mean no disrespect and also I don’t say this with a foul spirit, but speak from my heart. I Thank God my Father for all of the trials and sufferings that I’ve had in my life. It has shown and taught me to give everything away even in my meager state. It’s told me to love not just the rose, but to love the rose with all the thorns included. It’s taught me that people respond to love and not a scolding. I do think it is a shame that the body of Christ as a whole, (especially in the country), don’t know about the true character of Mandela; however, again, the church pastors’ are responsible for enlightening their congregations. Instead, you hear nothing but empty sermons week after week and have them push the collection plates for new building funds and especially painful to me, (overseas works). Not that there is anything wrong with trying to put aside a portion

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