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Joshua Shin 12 C Is religious freedom beneficial for the church, especially in Korea? These days, many countries still limit there religious freedom, especially Islamic countries. The controversy over whether or not churches benefit from these religious freedom still lies, unsolved. I believe that it is beneficial for churches, especially in Korea. Firstly, Korea has been known as the country that sends most missionaries and these missionaries would not be having hard times if there is religious freedom. Second, more number of Christians will be located around the world. To begin with, churches send their missionaries to different parts of the world without any restrictions, as they are currently doing so. Since some countries have the freedom of religion, the church finds neither threats nor pressure in sending people to tell the gospel. However, when there are religious restrictions, churches will not be able to achieve their ultimate goal, to spread gospel until the ends of the world. For instance, there are restrictions of religious freedom in countries especially in Middle East Asia and the “famous” North Korea. Churches find it hard to send missionaries to these places because missionaries have to risk their lives. In this sense, if there were religious freedom, it will definitely be beneficial to the churches, especially in South Korea since it is known as the leading country to send out missionaries. Secondly, if there is religious freedom, the number of Christians will grow. As a result churches will grow as well. Korean churches will not be an exception. The freedom of religion in Korea has already led Christianity into one of the leading religions in Korea. Big and gigantic churches are located in all parts of the country. To be more specific, Christianity was not allowed few decades a go. However, as it was allowed and religious freedom became a

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