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I awoke to the sounds of the birds singing in the apple garden, my eyes opened to the view of a cloudless sky with the bright beautiful sun shining all its glory down upon me. I felt so happy and content until slowly but forcibly my mind had fully awoken and reminded me of the reality. During these summer months I now always slept on the roof, the roof of Saint Luke’s Church, my home, it was my only escape, my only way of trying to forget the plague which had ascended, from Hell I guess, to virtually wipe out everything we had known. It had started nearly 2 years ago I guess, time and calendars didn’t seem to mean much now, the dawn, dusk and the seasons were all that mattered, all that were important. Before it all started I lived a couple of hundred yards away from the Church with my wife Pamela and our two dogs, the kids were grown up and left years before to start new lives abroad so it was nice to have time to ourselves and to do the things which we wanted to do. We were not church goers, we were believers but we didn’t feel any urge to attend, but saying that the Church of Saint Luke itself was an impressive building. The main body was built over two hundred years ago, surrounded by a ten foot wall on all sides with the total enclosed area about the size of a football pitch. I remember looking at the deeds of my house years before and seeing that the church was by far the biggest building in the area when it was built, designed to service all the local towns and villages. Since it was built it had slowly been surrounded by the expanding mass of London and was now in the heart of a typical middle class suburb. It had begun with warnings on all of the television channels, a severe case of flu they said- "If you have any symptoms stay at home, don’t risk anyone else contracting it, don’t go to the doctors or to the hospital- call the emergency number

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