Chuck Norris vs Mr Campbell

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Chuck Norris VS Mr Campbell Chapter #1 (Pre-school) Mr Campbell walks into his pre-school class room to see a class full of children his age. He is very excited at first, he looks over at one of the tables and cracks a joke because one student had a mullet that looked like a beaver had died on his head. What he didn't know is that the child at the table was Chuck Norris. They got into an epic battle in the classroom which resulted in Mr Campbell getting beatin up. Both of the students got a time out. Chapter #2 (Elementary School) Mr Campbell walks into his grade 8 classroom after just transfering into his new school and looks around at a class full of teenagers. A student stands up and screams at the top of his lungs "YOU!", it was Mr Campbells arch enemy, Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris ran at Mr Campbell and begun an epic battle between the two. Mr Campbell and Chuck Norris than were in the office for fighting. Mr Campbell was all beat up and bruised, Chuck Norris had a demonic grin on his face, his face was not scratched or bruised, not even red. Both students got suspended and Chuck Norris was expelled for kicking too much butt. Chapter #3 (The 20th Birthday) Mr Campbell walks into a bar on his 20th birthday. A man walks by and steps right on Mr Campbell's shoe. Mr Campbell playing mr.tuff guy, says "Hey Buddy, you just stepped on my toe!", the man turns around and it was Chuck Norris. Mr Campbell quivered in fear. Chuck Norris than said "I dont step on toes, Ian, I step on necks!", Mr Campbell than replied with "Nobody calls me Ian!" and he punched Chuck Norris right in the kisser. Than an epic battle between two catastrophic forces broke out. The Police than came along with the U.S Military to break the fight up. They were broken up and were forced to shake hands and make up by they're mommies. Chapter #4 (The Retirement Home) Mr Campbell

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