Chrysler Joint Venture

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Chrysler and BMW Joint Venture Synopsis: This joint venture between two of the most popular car companies came about due to competition and a risky decision to increase sales while decreasing cost. BMW had the name brand but wanted to get into the market of cheaper and more effective engines. Chrysler was hurting due to poor decisions and leadership breakdown from the past years and were seeing large negative results due to it. The two companies both came up with plans for their new team “Tritec”, however Chrysler ideas and presentations were advance and therefore used. The company picked a young ambitions man named Jack Smith the head the team designing the new engine block. Smith being the project manager made many success decisions, however his lack of experience brought about many bad outcomes. The venture started off rocky with BMW and Chrysler’s engineers not seeing eye to eye on designs for the 1.4l-1.6L engines. The joint teamwork almost failed before it even started by the arguments between the two companies. IT was only due to the BMW Dr. Reitzle who overturned his engineers objections and decided to go with Chrysler’s ideas. During this time, Chrysler’s reputation and history had their engineers and leaders give up responsibility on previous task to the next section creating a failure of parts, automotive and pride. Chrysler had an up and coming young manager by the name of Jack Smith. He was known for his high education in mechanical engineering, management and material science. Only being there for 11 months in his potion, executives volunteered him to spear head the organization and become project manager. His initial response was a lack of confidence and offered some one with more experience to do the job. Chrysler talked him into it telling him that he would be supported and surrounded by the best. Chrysler did meet with

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