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Chrysler offers Dodge Durango Special Service for Police Cars. The vehicle joins the Dodge Charger Pursuit sedan and Ram 1500 Special Service truck, currently available to government fleet customers, at that plant ( Special features are built into the car to make it fast so the car will be healthy doing a high speed chase and when the car needs to be used during crime. The Chrysler is built heavy duty to be challenged during all accidents. Other special features designed to help the vehicle perform during fleet use include a heavy-duty brake package, a heavy-duty battery, a larger-output 220-amp alternator, and a heavy-duty water pump and engine oil cooler ( The Dodge Durango has an under-floor storage compartments and additional storage in the side compartments. The Dodge Durango Will defiantly is a quick super-efficient, durable police car. Chrysler also offers Extended Warranty. Chrysler offer Special Upgrade Plans to the 5 yrs. / 100,000 mile powertrain warranty ( Chrysler service contract is additional protection that you purchased that provides you with specific component coverage that goes beyond the Manufacturer’s. ( Warranty period and extends your protection for the specific time and mileage duration you selected. Chrysler also provide you will on the road side assistance and help for free and they have Trip insurance that if your car break down during a road trip, Chrysler will be there to help. Works Cited “Chrysler Offers Dodge Durango Special Service for Police” 2012. Accessed April 19, 2012. “Lowest Price Chrysler Extended Warranty Here!” 2011. < > Accessed April 19,

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