Chrysalis - Module 2

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Essay title: “A personalised induction will always be more effective”. Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to discuss the merits of a personalised induction. In order to do this I will aim to demonstrate that the personalised induction is always more effective, in order to prove this hypothesis will need to consider the modalities in which we work along with different styles both authoritarian and permissive and the efficacy in each type of induction. When undertaking hypnosis as a therapist it is usually because the client has come to you for the purpose of some kind of therapeutic were. In order to achieve this the client needs to achieve a hypnotic state and therefore an induction is required to ensure that the subject is sufficiently relaxed to allow the therapist and client access to the subconscious mind in order for therapy to take place. Heap and Dryden () stated that an important part of preparation which is induction is to help the patient relax mentally and physically to draw his or her attention away from external realities and experiences and look inward to the subconscious. The question open to debate is whether a standard format used on all clients is sufficient or whether a personalised script carefully tailored to meet each client’s needs be a more effective method produced better results. Main essay Brains are constantly receiving information processing it and storing relative mix for future use. The way that individuals communicate is important when considering induction therapist needs to aware that words make only 7% to patient with 58% being body language a 38% return rate of voice. In hypnotherapy therefore the client will mostly have their eyes shut and the hypnotherapist will only the opportunity to communicate with half the resource available it is therefore vital to get the induction right to get the client in the right
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