Chronicles of Levis Essay

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How often does anyone ever stop to think about the life of a plain, ordinary pair of Levis?Mine seem to go through various phases in which they are completely different: from the new to the not so new and finally to the very old. In their first stage, my Levis are brand new. I am very conscious of my new Levis when I wear them because they are usually very stiff and feel somewhat tight. They are also very crisp, and I can almost smell the newness of the unfaded, dark blue color. Somehow I feel very dressed up, like a soldier in his military blues, when I wear brand new Levis. In their second stage, my Levis are beginning to loosen up and are starting to conform more to my body. The original dark, denim blue is a little lighter now. Although they no longer leave the wash water blue, they are still nice and bright. I have seen pictures of President Carter wearing his stage-two Levis;he must enjoy them as much as I do. In their final days, my Levis have gotten almost white from lots of wear and repeated washings. Like a baby’s cheek, they are soft to the touch, and they have become as comfortable as the proverbial old shoe. Even though they are very worn and have a few small holes, I like them best at this stage. My Levis and I go through a lot together, and each stage serves a purpose. When I am a senior citizen, I will probably still be wearing

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