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Matt Story August, 10 2009 Chapter One Q: If there are characters described in the section, what is their relationship to each other? A: Three characters described in this section are Santiago Nasar, Victoria Guzman and her daughter, Divina Flor. Victoria is the cook for the Nasar family. Divina works with her. According to the story, Divina was, “just coming into bloom” (pg 9) and Santiago noticed this. However Victoria would not let him take advantage of her. Santiago’s dad, Ibrahim took advantage of Victoria when she was coming into bloom and bought her to work at the house after their love affair was over. She did not want this to happen to her daughter. When Santiago grabbed Divina by the wrist the morning before his death Victoria threatened him holding up a bloody knife and telling him to let go of her daughter. She said, “You won’t have a drink of that water as long as I’m alive.” (pg 9) Q: How would you characterize the writer’s style? How does the style complement the content of the passage? A: The writer’s style is uncommon in that he tried to give his point of view and the point of view from others that witnessed the event. I could tell he really tried to give all perspectives of the story so as not to create a bias. Much in the style of Quentin Tarantino’s movies, the same events see through different eyes. The style complements the passage because the different recollections of the story make it interesting and opens the reader’s eyes to what the real story is. He uses the recollected stories of others to contrast his natural bias. Q: Is there any bitterness, sarcasm, or irony? How do you know? What seems to be responsible for this tone? A: In chapter one, there is a great deal of irony. It appears everyone knows of the planned murder of Santiago

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