Chronicle of a Death Foretold Response Essay

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold Response Chronicle of a Death Foretold tells the murder of Santiago Nasar by using personal accounts of residents living in a small Columbian town. The author, Gabriel García Márquez, uses an uknown character to recount the murder of Santiago Nasar via a first person interview-type narrative. The nararator tells the narrative through his personal interviews with the townspeople. Although this type of narration initially came off as miss jumbled and confusing, once I discovered the rhythm of the book I came to find pleasure in trying to connect the pieces of the novel; as if I were playing a mental jig saw puzzle. This style of narration was extremely entertaining and at times took on the feeling of a detective interviewing his suspects. Santiago Nasars’ murder being explained within the first few pages of the book initially came off as odd. However, as the narrative progressed, prior knowledge about the details of the homicide injected questions into my mind which were unorthodox to the average murder mystery. Instead of forcing readers to ponder the typical murder novel questions; “Who’s the murderer?”, “Did he/she have an accomplice?”, “How did the homicide take place?”, Chronicle of a Death Foretold states the aggressors, their weapons, and their actions leading up to the homicide, right off the bat. One might have called it a wrap after already discovering the details that make up a typical murder mystery within the first two chapters, but as the book progressed, one question that dug deeper than the plot of a normal homicide and kept my eyes peeled began to arise. Was the victim, Santiago Nasar, innocent of his accusation? The author strongly hints at the possibility of guilt, but I believe he proves Santiago’s innocence subliminally through Christian symbolism. To begin with, Santiago Nasar was accused of stealing
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