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At the beginning of the section, Noboru Wataya, Toru, and Malta have a meeting about Toru and Kumiko’s relationship. In the meeting, Noboru says that Kumiko had been having an affair for about two months. Like always, Toru kept his calm attitude and Noboru Wataya was his usual unemotional and unsympathetic self. However, at the end of their meeting, Noboru offends Toru by saying that he “might as well be throwing time into the gutter” (202). For the first time, Toru lets his emotions get to him and blurted out that he knows Noboru`s secret、that he may be nobody but at least a human, and that if someone hit him, he will hit them back. After hearing this, Noboru Wataya still kept his unemotional face, but later, his face started to turn red. Toru was lying about how he knew a secret, but by judging from Noboru’s expression, he did have a deep dark secret. This can be the secret about how he raped Creta or how he broke several society taboos, or it may even be about a secret that the readers haven’t been exposed to yet. Because of this attitude change in Noboru, the readers can see that the Noboru we read and know is only the surface and that there is a much deeper character to him. Then, Toru remembers the first date he had with Kumiko at an aquarium. As he describes his first date, he remembers an incident involving jellyfishes. Toru dislikes jellyfishes because of an unpleasant experience he had during his childhood. But, he does not tell Kumiko this as they went through a special display of jellyfish at the aquarium. While Kumiko was fascinated by them, Toru falls dizzy as the “tension was turning [his] head into mush” (225) just by looking at the jellyfish. As Toru and Kumiko sit at a nearby park to recover, Kumiko says she noticed by looking at the jellyfish that “what we see before us is just one tiny part of the world. We get into the habit of thinking,

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