Chronic Disease Risk Assessment

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Option 1: Chronic Disease Risk Assessment Take one of the health risk assessments located on the LRC website. After completing the assessment, write a 500- to 750-word summary that includes the following: * Description of the disease. Breast Cancer is a lot of tissues that are inside of our breast and we need to try and lose weight to keep us from becoming in the risk of breast cancer and keep on getting our regular mammograms like we are doing now to prevent us from it. Breast cancer has all kinds of different feeling you start hurting in your arms, head, legs and so forth down the line. So we really and truly need to keep up with our breast exams each year and do self breast exams ourselves as well. This is a major thing today in the world breast cancer I know to much about it from family experiences. So I think everyone needs to really consider talking with a doctor about breast cancer and the major risk that it takes to avoid getting it. * Risk factors for the disease. I’m eating and drinking all the right foods and drinks like I’m suppose to do. And also I’m keeping up with my exercise like I’m suppose to do as well so I really do not have any risk factors at the present moment that I can truly say that I’m at a risk factor of having breast cancer. Well my risk factor for the breast cancer disease is very low. From what I see I must be doing the right thing for my health which is very good. Cause I would want to hear good news about my health than a risk of bad health problems all the time. We all need to really do a diet and exercise plan to keep the risk factor of the breast cancer disease down. No one should ever want this type of disease can it makes you lose your hair and your weight and you can not even eat the right foods do to this type of disease. * Lifestyle choices you can make in your life to decrease your

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