Christy Browns Mother's Courage Essay

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Sending Manned or Unmanned Missions to Space By: Jolene VandeBruinhorst Many people are fascinated with the findings in space. Even in the Bible, we read of people who studied the night sky. Later this turned into a science and now it is a modern- day thing to observe pictures taken and record different findings in space about why no human life can exist on other known planets in the universe. Space programs are debating whether they should conduct manned missions to space or use the unmanned robots. Missions to space should be unmanned because manned missions risk the lives of men and it is cheaper to send unmanned missions to space. With sending manned missions to space, you are risking the lives of men. There is always the possibility in space that something wrong happens and instantly they are killed. Besides if the space travels are done unmanned then you can get farther into space where you can explore farther, “because humans need so much in the way of supplies- oxygen, warmth, protection, etc.- that the extra weight forbids going to most places (” However, if you include men with it then they don’t have enough time to go that far. Look at the project Voyager they have gotten to the farthest known planets of this earth. Moreover, the Voyager is an unmanned spacecraft. The manned missions to space also cost tons of money to make stuff that will actually keep the men inside alive or safe so that they can get back to earth. “Manned missions have to be fewer in number because of their extensive cost”, ( However, unmanned missions have it a little easier, and cheaper they do not have to create stuff like this. All they need to do is get close enough to the object and take enough photos and record enough data and it can leave again. Manned mission, however, can be used as a benefit also. “Take unmanned probes to

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