Christopher Mccandles 'I Go Back To May'

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Into the wild Christopher McCandles is sitting at the table in a restaurant after his graduation. He recites the poem “I go back to May” by Sharon Olds to his sister. It’s a very descriptive poem it tells us how he feels about his parents. McCandles grew up with his sister mom and dad. In what is in the film described as a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood. His mom and dad are fighting a lot, the film has dramatic scene that describes his childhood very well. It shows his parents arguing and his sister watching he then stops the fight (?). This whole situation with his parents could also be why he makes this very special decision to leave everything behind and go to Alaska. McCandles is in the film shown as a tall, brown haired guy, he wears glasses from time to time. He graduates from Emory University where he was A-student. He reads a lot and writes in a kind of diary. He is mostly characterized by his special decision-making. Even though he is the main character in film, it is tough to find out what kind of person he really is. He seems to have to sides of himself sometimes he is this caring and generous person for an example he…show more content…
He wants to leave everything behind and find happiness. On the way to his dream he changes his name and identity to Alexander Supertramp, when he is in this world of Alexander Supertramp he feels immortal. He feels that no adversity can prevent him from reaching his dream. This immortality changes towards the end, in this stage he has eaten poisonous plants/seeds. He feels weak and knows he is going to die. This also changes the way he looks on life and his childhood. He uses a very famous saying in his diary “happiness only real when shared” It tells us that he died knowing that he had to go back in order to be happy. He writes a note just before he is about to die it says “I’ve had a happy life and thank the lord. Goodbye and may god bless

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