Christopher Columbus's Expedition To The New World

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Journals Chapter 1 At the end of the fifteenth century, Christopher Columbus lead an expedition to the New World. This “New” World had been populated for at least 12,000 years when the Archaic people crossed over from Siberia to Alaska. The Aztec, Inca, and hundreds of other cultures lived there when Christopher Columbus “found” the continents. They spoke a combined 375 languages. The first Archaic Native Americans were hunter-gatherers. They followed huge animals such as the mammoth across the land bridge from Asia to the Americas. They lived in bands of about two dozen people. The men hunted while the women gathered nuts and berries. Men would go to other bands to find a wife. The Ice Age ended around 10,000 BCE. Huge animals died off. Native Americans learned to hunt smaller animals. By 3,000 BCE, they learned to cultivate plants. The population of North America hit 1,000,000. Different cultures developed in different regions in the Americas. Slavery had been a part of European and African history for a long time. Between 1450 and 1750, new trade patterns were set up. After Columbus found the New World, Africans sent slaves to the New World. Europeans…show more content…
In 1834, the Methodist Missionary Society sent Rev. Jason Lee to the Oregon Territory. Two years later, the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Ministers sent six people to Oregon. The board chose Marcus and Narcissa Prentiss Whitman. He was a doctor, she was a Sunday school teacher. That year they placed their mission with the Cayuse tribe near Fort Walla Walla. Other missionaries, Henry and Eliza Hart Spalding placed a mission 125 miles away with the Nez Percés tribe. The Whitmans thrived at first, but over the next decade, the Cayuse knew the missionaries brought more Whites and diseases with them. In 1847, the Cayuse attacked the mission, killing the Whitemans and other Whites. The attack happened after a measles

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