Christopher Columbus Letter to Luis de Angel

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In Christopher Columbus’ letter to Luis de Saint Angel he wrote to his leading supporters of the Spanish Court describing his reactions to the perception about the new world. During this time in 1493 when Columbus wrote the letter, there were many different things that this new world contained that was unknown to Columbus and his men. There are still many questions that are unanswered about why the Europeans came to the new world? Also, what was it like when the Europeans arrived? Finally, what were the initial contacts between the Europeans and the Native Americans like? These questions will never be answered; however, in Columbus’ letter his accuracy of the information given will never be known. During his travelling of the new world Columbus described the people in great detail. For instance, during his many travels exploring what he could he described them by saying, “The people of this island, and of all the others that I have found and seen, or not seen, all go naked, men and women, just as there bring them forth; although some women cover a single place with the leaf of a plant, or a cotton something which they make for the purpose.” (America Through the Eyes of Its People 4). While going through the villages on his many travels, people everywhere roamed free naked, without anyone caring. Also, Columbus wrote in his letter that only the women are required to do the work. Christopher also said that the people are all monogamous, meaning they are only married to one person; however, the king can be legally married to 20 other women at the same time. Finally, the people in the new world believed that Columbus and his men came from the sky. In the letter Columbus wrote, “And they knew no sect, nor idolatry; save that they all believe that power and goodness are in the sky, and they believed very firmly that I, with these ships and crew, came from the
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